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7 Simple Tips for Improving Your Online Poker Play


     When you are able to make small adjustments to your online poker play, you are going to benefit from a huge positive turn in your bankroll. These changes might not be obvious to some, but take your time and work each of these and you will begin to make the transformation from average to excellent online poker player. 

  1. Stop flashing your hole cards when you fold a big hand or you think you have pulled off the bluff of the decade.
  1. Turn off the online chat feature at the poker table, the other players are reading what you write and punishing you for each thing you complain about.
  1. Stop playing table limits that are too rich for your bankroll, drop down a few table limits.
  1. Make sure that you are setting both winning and losing limits at the online poker tables. If not, you don't know when to pull the plug on your game and you wind up stating longer and giving back all those winnings you worked so hard to accumulate.
  1. Pay close attention to how the other players are betting. This is the only way to read online tells, so you have to watch to see if you can spot things they are doing over and over.
  1. Eliminate all those distractions in your game that are stealing your momentum. Turn off the television, hang up the cellphone, and stop posting to your social media account when you should be focused on poker.
  1. Start looking at how you bet each hand. Don't use any auto-features that could tell other players what your next move is.

Keep in mind that you don't have to rush to go through each of these tips, soon as you address one of them you are going to see things improve.

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How to Spot the Weakest Player at the Online Poker Sites


Spotting the weakest player at the online poker sites is one of the best ways to be able to grow your bankroll quickly and easily. We all were new players at one point, and we all lost our share of money while we learned to play the game. This is just the natural order of things, so you have to find and attack while the getting is good.

Here are a few signs you have the weakest player at your online poker table.

The weak players simply cannot control themselves so they are going to flash their hole cards all the time. These players flash their cards when they were bullied off a hand and want to show you they had a monster, or they think they just pulled off the biggest bluff of their lives.

Take a look at the online chat feature. The weak players are busy complaining and whining right in the middle of hands, so how could they possibly be focused on anything? Don't chat, just read and see which players are too busy to notice you took their chips from them.

A weak players doesn't care if they sit at a table where everyone has $500 and they have $75. They think they can double up a few times and be set. Sit back and wait until you have a hand because they will be going all in just about every chance they can get.

Weak players always do the same things over and over. They fold the blinds to any raise, they fold when aces are raised, and they fold when big raises on the river represent they caught a hand.

Now all you have to do is keep a close eye out for these players and take advantage before someone else grabs all their chips away from them. 

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The Biggest Mistakes You Make Playing Online Poker

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If you don't see your online poker bankroll exploding week to week, it might be time to take a look at all the mistakes that you are making that are draining your account without you even realizing. The good news is that once you identify these mistakes, you can start taking action to better one day at a time until you see your money growing.

Here are some of the biggest mistakes players are making at the online poker tables.

Stop flashing your hole cards each time you bluff the table or when you think you should show the table the best hand that you were pushed off. Stop giving away free information.

If you are not setting winning or losing limits before you sit down to play online poker, how will you know when to get up for the day?

Stop using that online chat feature to whine about your hands with other players. This is not the place to try and make new friends or to complain you keep getting bullied. Keep the others guessing and stop talking to the rest of the table.

Drop down a few table amounts because you are certainly playing at too rich a table if you are able to go broke on one bad beat. The lower limit you decide to play, the weaker the competition and the slower the action too.

Stop mixing gambling and alcohol. There is no way you can study pot odds or look for player tells when you are drunk. Leave the booze for after you log off and you then you can celebrate your big day.

Now that you know the mistakes you are making at the online poker rooms, it is time to tighten up your game and you are going to see positive results in short order. Learn more about how to play like a pro come visit us at pokerqq81.